Please see the following steps The Oaks Nursing Home is taking in preparation for a potential COVID-19 Infections. We appreciate you cooperation in keeping our residents safe from this infectious disease at this time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call The Oaks Nursing Home directly:

  1. We are encouraging all family members and loved ones to limit visits to our facility at this time.
  2. We have posters for Visitation Protocols and proper Hand Washing Techniques displayed throughout the facility.
  3. Visitation is not permitted for any individuals with COVID-19 or Influenza symptoms. The facility will work with family members to communicate with residents.
  4. We are regular communication with our Pharmacy and Medical Supply partners regarding pharmaceutical and medical supplies. Couriers have been educated to use single locations for deliveries.
  5. Communication is ongoing with our vendors and contractors regarding our processes and protocols.
  6. Facilities will ensure adequate PPE equipment for all staff is available.
  7. Mandatory education sessions with CDC, AHCA, GHCA and CMS have taken place and will be ongoing for all staff.
  8. Admission screening with increased and heightened guidance on COVID-19 will be utilized during this time.
  9. Updates are being provided to facilities on current state of the COVID-19 outbreak and best practices.
  10. We are strictly enforcing Employee Illness and Return to Work policies.
  11. No entry into the facility for visitors 18 years of age or under.
  12. Entry is limited to one single entry point for all staff and visitors at each facility.
  13. Visits such as social visits and outside groups, schools, church, etc. will be greatly limited.
  14. Volunteer service will be greatly limited and those with direct resident contact will be restricted.
  15. We will be actively screening all individuals entering the facility.
  16. This screening process will ask individuals for respiratory symptoms and their travel within the last 14 days.
  17. This screening will apply to everyone: Employees, Family Members, Visitors, Volunteers and Contractors.
  18. Visiting hours will be reduced to the following: 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p m. to allow for closer screening of visitors.
  19. Visiting will be limited to specific locations of the building.
  20. All individuals entering the building will wash their hands at entry. This includes all employees, visitors, contractors, etc.
  21. Hand washing and hand sanitizing stations will be set up inside the facility at the single point of entry and strategically throughout the facility.
  22. Resident activities that involve residents outside of the building to public places will be greatly limited or canceled.
  23. Residents and employees who display any respiratory symptoms will not be permitted in group activates within the facility.
  24. Community meals will be limited to specific pick-up times and locations outside the building
  25. Non emergency/routine doctor’s appointments will be limited or cancelled.
  26. Isolation and contact precautions reviewed with all resident and staff.
  27. Mail and package delivery drop off limited to one area of building.
  28. Implementation of PHASE 2 which will trigger more strict guidelines limiting facility entry if COVID- 19 is present in our community or within a 30 mile radius.

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