The Covid-19 pandemic continues to adversely affect each of us, but there is reason to be positive regarding the Covid 19 vaccine and its availability, safety, and effectiveness. On December 2, the facility was notified by conference call that Georgia’s skilled nursing facilities will be among the first to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

The logistics of distributing the vaccine are in place, but there are questions as to whether the vaccine will be a singular or two step vaccination process as this depends on the manufacturer as well as the time between the injection of the vaccine and the body’s ability to develop antibodies to fight the virus.The projected time of availability of the vaccine according to the Governor’s office is the second week of December.

As with any type of vaccine or preventative immunization process, there will need to be documentation signed and dated stating the resident or resident representative agrees for the vaccine to be administered. It is our hope that 100% of the residents and staff of the facility will receive this potentially life saving vaccination. The pandemic is not over, but at least there is hope that in the near future there will be some sense of “normalcy” in the life of our residents.

We will continue to keep you informed of the vaccination process as it is shared with us, but please be aware that once the vaccine is available in Georgia, we will need exact counts of those desiring to receive the vaccine and permission to administer the vaccine.  Time will be of the essence and should someone choose not to receive the vaccine during the initial vaccination phase, the opportunity to receive the vaccine at a later date could be delayed for an extended period of time.

Regulatory agencies are developing a release for facilities to utilize to obtain permission to administer this vaccine.  Once this release is available, we will contact you to have that documentation signed and dated as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support and for your understanding of the restrictions we must follow until the Covid 19 vaccination process is complete.

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