Quality Assurance

Survey or inspection reports are one measure to determine the ability of a nursing facility to deliver quality services.

Our most recent inspection performed March 23, 2017 by the Office of Regulatory Services indicated we had one healthcare deficiency. The average facility will have seven deficiencies during a typical inspection. The Oaks has obtained a "deficiency free" status in prior surveys which will only be obtained by a few facilities in Georgia each year. Over the past dozen years, The Oaks has had eight healthcare deficiency free inspections. We believe this to be one of the best compliance records in the state.

The Oaks Dietary department is also inspected by representatives from the Department of Human Resources. The Oaks received a 100% on its most recent inspection on August 17, 2016 and in nine of the last eleven inspection reports.

Although surveys and inspections are tools to use when comparing nursing facilities, the best measure of quality is your own opinion. Visit our facility at anytime. We hope that your visit will convince you that The Oaks is the right decision for you.