The Oaks offers supportive care units designed for those that desire the privacy of independent living, but do not want day to day home maintenance responsibilities. Meals, housekeeping service, and laundry service are all provided in the supportive care units. Although cooking is not allowed in these units, most units contain a small kitchen area complete with microwave, refrigerator, and a sink. Direct staff assistance is available in these units with emergency service provided 24-hours per day.

Cost of the supportive care units varies with the size of the unit and the number of occupants, such as a husband and wife. Medicare and Medicaid do not assist financially in the cost of these units.

Should a resident choose the independent unit and need minor rehabilitation or therapy, The Oaks Nursing Home can provide this therapy on an outpatient basis. Also should the needs of the resident change over time and exceed the services provided in the supportive care units, priority will be given to these residents for admission to The Oaks Personal Care Home or The Oaks Nursing Home.